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Hey Everyone,
I just wanted to post a message on here to share about something I am very passionate about. About 4 months ago, I signed up with a program called Humana People to People. This program sends people to Africa to volunteer in many different areas that are directly related to HIV/AIDS. The goal of the Volunteer is to spread awareness of the HIV/AIDS Virus, encourage people to get tested, provide support for people living possible, and make people aware that it is not curable but it is 100% preventable. The program is a non government, non religious program, and is broken down into 3 parts: Training (6 months) Work in Africa(6 months to a year) and a follow up evaluation/reflection period (3 months). I highly recommend this program for people who feel that something proactive has to be done to have any chance of fighting this worldwide epidemic. I don't want to take too much space up on this page but if you are interested and would like more information please E-mail me at I would love to tell you all about it. Thanks for your time and I hope to hear from you soon,

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