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The Lone Penman

South America as a dumping ground for Europe

Ive realized something today:

Ever since the mid 1800's, Europe has had to get rid of most of their own to save space and reduce crime and unemployment, among other reasons. And these immigrants from the UK, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Scandinavia, and other nations have made homes in the uttermost reaches of the Western world, be it Australia, NZ, Canada, the US, or even Southern Africa.

However, many have also settled in South America, particularly in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile. It might have been fine and dandy, but the fact remains: the Southern Cone nations served as a mere dumping ground for Europeans who couldve gone to the US or Canada, and were not allowed a chance to invest their own resources in Europe. North America, the closest neighbor of sorts to Europe, also was a dumping ground of sorts, but at least it was close enough to carry on a serious continuous dialogue and reciprocal relationship with the other.

Where was South America on the list of Europe's priorities? Nowhere. It wasnt even close enough for any serious dialogue or relationship with the other continent, so it was like, "OK, we'll give you our tired, our poor, since we dont give a shit about them anyway." And obviously, they still dont.

Look at Portugal and Angola, one of Portugal's former African colonies. Under the policies of its former dictator, Antonio Salazar, the government tossed out as many of its paupers, its convicts, and Salazar's opponents, mostly to Brazil or Angola. These people were known as degredados, the people that Portugal didnt want because they were taking up space in an already (and still) poor European nation.

So what do I propose by this? I say that South America (especially the Southern Cone nations) should stop serving as a dumping ground for Europe, and instead should start up a NATO-type of alliance with Black Africa, which is far closer in proximity to South America than Europe. Maybe this can include the switching of favor (in terms of immigration) from Europe to Africa, particularly Nigeria, Cote d-Ivoire, DRC, Angola, Mozambique, Tanzania, and South Africa (which is now considered Brazil's strongest foreign ally, beside India), as well as stationing Brazilian troops in Africa's most troubled regions.

South America (particularly Brazil) has alot to offer to Black Africa, and vice versa. I hope that such can be realized soon enough.
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